The same GREAT formula
for 22 years
PristineBlue® has no
chemical taste or odor
PristineBlue® maintenance
is only once every 2 weeks
PristineBlue® is gentle to
equipment, skin,
hair and eyes
PristineBlue® backwash will
not harm your grass
PristineBlue® is made
in the USA
PristineBlue® is economical


Thousands of residential pool owners rely on PristineBlue® for comfortable, clean, clear water.
  • Water treated with PristineBlue® feels softer and looks inviting without a chemical taste or odor.
  • It's gentle to equipment and it won't bleach your liner or swimsuit.
  • You can swim immediately after application.
  • Your eyes won't burn.
  • You won't believe how good your skin and hair feel after swimming.
  • Over the course of a swim season, PristineBlue® costs about the same or less than chlorine.
    Put PristineBlue® in your water and forget about it. You've got better things to do with your free time than worry, on a daily basis, about the condition and appearance of your swimming pool.
    The long-lasting formula of PristineBlue® lets you escape the chore of daily water testing and maintenance. With PristineBlue®, you'll follow the simple maintenance program prescribed by your dealer just once every 2 weeks.
    Starting your pool on PristineBlue® is easy! You'll find everything you need to start your chlorine pool on PristineBlue® in one of our Start Up Kits. Call to today for additional information.

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