Pristine Pool and Spa

Royal Spas

We proudly feature Royal Spas, all American made in Indianapolis. Our top of the line, eight person spas, economically priced. Hundreds of features including up to 60 customizable jets, energy efficent heating, and low maintenance user friendly controls. Royal Spas offer a multitude of different sizes, shapes, configurations, styles, colors - truly limitless features. Stereo bluetooth speakers, alternate light packages, the options are endless. All of these features at no additional cost. All Royal Spas are custom built to suit our clients specific needs.

Pristine Pool and Spa


One size does not fit all.

Each spa should be customized to fit your needs. Create the perfect spa for you by selecting the features best suited for your needs. Rearrange the locations of jets, with up to 60 fitting in each spa.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Made in the USA, these spas are built to last.

Built with several layers of compounded fiberglass, their acrylic shells are unrivaled in strength and durability. The cabinet is built with pressure treated lumber that has been coated with a moisture resistant barrier, which will prolong it's life. Both the cabinet and shell have a 40 year warranty. The mechanical components have a 3 year warranty included. These spas are built to outlast their owners.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Royal Spa's innovative design allows them to use less electricity, resulting in as much as a 90% increase in energy efficiency.

The pumps and heaters are the primary source of energy consumption on a spa. With that in mind, Royal created these hybrid hot tubs to be extremely energy efficient. Royal Spas can be installed in a number of ways — On top of your existing deck, on or in concrete, we can even build your deck to custom fit the spa. We place all the equipment hidden and/or very neatly placed for clean looking relaxation! Time to order 3-4 weeks. All concrete work and plumbing can be done in the time before the spa is delivered. Once it's arrived, just hook up and go!

Pristine Pool and Spa


The superior filtration and purification system Royal spas use allow the water to stay cleaner longer.

No need to constantly add chemicals or replace the water in the tub. We recommend Pristine Blue chemicals for less time spent maintaining, more time relaxing!