A swimming pool is not so different from a glass of water - a highly complex environment that is sensitive to all of the stimulus around it: wind, rain, and sun; air quality; the influence of people; and nature itself. Just as you wouldn't drink a glass of water that had been sitting out in the open for weeks on end, you wouldn't want to swim in a pool under the same circumstances. Keeping it clear, clean, and refreshing is a challenge for any homeowner.

Check Filter Pressure
Clean Skimmer Baskets
Clean Auto Vac Filter
Skim Pool Surface
Brush Pool Walls & Floor
Test pH
Test Alkalinity
Clean Pump Strainer Basket
Replace Cartridge with Clean One
Backwash and Recharge D.E. Filter
Check Heater Operation
Scrub Tile Border
Check Deck Area
Vacuum Pool
Test Chlorine/Bromine
Test Cyanuric Acid
Test Hardness
Clean Cartridge Filter
Backwash Sand Filter
Fill Chemical Feeder

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