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Pristine Pool and Spa

Concrete Inground Pools

The most structurally stable and elegant types of pools are concrete, otherwise known as gunite. You are able to design every individual element involved with a concrete pool, creating something as modern, or elegant as you'd like. We love to challenge the concept of what a pool is capable of by integrating art and architecture into the leisure of your new pool. Waterfalls, olympic standards, odd shapes, this is our strongest passion. Not only are they incredibly durable through the harsh Michigan winters, but they are limitless in what shapes and styles we can produce them in. The steel structure and additives in our concrete make our outer shells crack resistant. We add a specific mixture to the top coat plaster that creates a bulletproof barrier against harsh chemical agents.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Concrete offers great structural, and aesthetic design options.

Have an odd-shaped area to fit your pool? No problem, a concrete pool can be designed to fit any space or any shape. You have unlimited freedom to incorporate shallow and deep areas to fit your family's needs.

Pristine Pool and Spa


We build above the structural industry standards.

We use stronger and tighter steel schedule in the foundation of the concrete. Our specialized material additive will waterproof, reduce cracking, and effervescence. This keeps your pool looking brand new decades longer than the average consumer pool.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Whether you need something to withstand the rigors of cold, or under the warm sun, concrete is the best choice.

Because of its versatility, concrete is the most popular choice for swimming pool construction. A concrete pool gives the homeowner the most flexibility in creating a pool that matches the decor of their home and backyard.

Pristine Pool and Spa


We can upgrade or repair any existing concrete pool or spa.

With over 38 years of experience in the industry, we have built, repaired, and serviced thousands of pools and spas. We are well versed in repairing a variety of issues that regularly arise. Even issues including fish ponds, or other natural bodies of water, we're here to help.

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