Pristine Pool and Spa - New Buffalo Michigan

Vinyl Lined Inground Pools

The most economical method for a well built, quality, in ground pool is our vinyl liner. With vinyl, you have the option of customizing the look with our large variety of different liner finishes. As with our more elegant products, these come with highly efficient plumbing, engineered to help you save on operational costs. Each pool is built with a durable and lightweight, cement insulated floor. Due to the smooth, non-porus surface of vinyl, less algae can grow, saving money on chemicals. The average vinyl pool will provide years of fun and relaxation before any repairs are needed. We build them right the first time, so all you have to do is basic maintenance, or have us take care of it for you.

Pristine Pool and Spa - New Buffalo Michigan


Vinyl liners offer an unprecedented selection of irresistible patterns. Combined with the benefit of bacteria and chemical resistant material, you’ll experience carefree enjoyment for years to come.

We use high quality Latham vinyl with hundreds of pattern options. We offer an extensive array of designer patterns, each boasting a luminous shimmer, adding a sparkle to your pool. Latham offers an Ultra-seam liner that does not show any visible lines on the floor of the pools and they are manufactured using a fusion of high definition pigments to create vivd color underwater, and glow when sunlight hits. Finishing touches are made with our tile selection, accenting vinyl over the steps, different patterns on the floor and walls.

Pristine Pool and Spa - New Buffalo Michigan


Each pool is built with a durable and lightweight cement insulated floor.

Our highly engineered plumbing systems are top of the line. These pools have incredibly low operations costs.

Pristine Pool and Spa - New Buffalo Michigan


Similar quality to a concrete pool, with less cost to you.

From start to finish, a vinyl liner install can range from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Pristine Pool and Spa - New Buffalo Michigan


Routinely checking your liner for rips and tears will save you big bucks and prevent any backyard disasters.

Unlike a concrete pool, you cannot drain a vinyl liner pool. The weight of the water is what keeps the liner smooth and in place. With that pressure released, your liner can shift and bubble up. It is important to maintain the proper chemical balance to avoid any discoloration or accidental tears. Get started today by contacting us here!

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