Pristine Pool and Spa - New Buffalo Michigan
Pristine Pool and Spa

Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass pools are pre-molded to fit specific sizes and depths. We use Leisure Pools, who make the best fiberglass pools in the world. Each pool involves 5 layers of fiberglass, top coated in a lifetime-guaranteed gel that retains the integrity of the fiberglass underneath. These are easy to maintain, and provide you with worry-free use for decades. The installation process is quick and seamless.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Lesiure Pools has created an extensive line of innovative fiberglass pools.

Find the perfect pool to suit your home and lifestyle from our variety of Leisure Pools. There are a number of water features in a variety of sizes and styles including; water falls, splash decks, bench seats and more!

Pristine Pool and Spa


Six layers of cutting edge quality, with a top layer of Kevlar, commonly used in bullet proof vests and body armor.

These strength properties better withstand changing weather conditions and ground movement changes better than the standard four layer fiberglass pools. These have been engineered to provide the most efficient plumbing systems available.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Each Pool is delivered in one single piece, making for a quick and simple install.

While the pool is being formed offsite, we dig the hole which perfectly fits the pool and install the plumbing. Next, we place the plumbing in the appropriate positions, and connect once the pool is in place.

Pristine Pool and Spa


Maintaining the chemistry in a Fiberglass pool is easier than you might imagine.

Even if the water chemistry is unbalanced, it will not effect the protective shell of your Leisure Pool. We choose to work with Leisure Pools because of their resistance to UV discoloration, blistering, and chemical deterioration. We use a Waterlink spin tester in-store to balance any water issues you might have.

Watch a fiberglass pool installation