Pristine Pool and Spa

Concrete Spas

Just what goes into creating a custom spa? A spa is so much more than hot water and bubbles, it can take you away to paradise in your own yard! A custom build provides so many avenues for creativity that it can be a little tough to narrow down what you want. We provide experienced advice on the best methods to approach everything from the basic shape of your spa, to the decorative tile cascading down a waterfall into your pool. With the right aesthetic choices, a spa will become a beautiful, relaxing retreat as well as the visual centerpiece in your aquatic playground.

Pristine Pool and Spad


Fully customized

Concrete allows us to fully integrate the spa into the pool and surrounding environment. This method gives you complete control in every regard.

Pristine Pool and Spad


Installed at once

Using the latest virtual software, we can create, and reimagine the perfect layout for a pool and spa combination. Once the construction starts, the spa element will be created the same time as the pool, allowing some incredible layouts.

Pristine Pool and Spad


Done right the first time

Our highly skilled crew specializes in working with these materials on a daily basis. With so many options in your concrete spa, we can make it as decorative or modern as you'd like.

Pristine Pool and Spad


Simple and reliable

Unlike our Royal and Tuff Spas, these require less maintenance. Without the fiberglass shell there's no deterioriation to concern yourself with. A proper chemical balance in your water will keep the spa healthy for years to come. With our Waterlink technology we can test in-store with immediate results and materials on hand to properly remedy any issues you might have.