Pristine Pool and Spa

Tuff Spas

Our fastest and most economical install are Tuff Spas, made in Arizona. All units are constructed from virgin plastic and ready to piece together. Three beautiful colors, many different feature arrangements. Includes a three year, unconditional warranty. All of our spas come complete with the chemical-free sanitation method, Ozone. An ozonator that sanitatizes through an ultra violet static light. This technology gives you safer, cleaner water than traditional chemical methods.

Pristine Pool and Spad


The “tuffest” spa on the market just got tuffer!

The hard top cover is designed to hold over 500 pounds and never needs replaced. The cover makes your Tuff spa more energy efficient and has the same lifetime warranty as the shell. Better than any other spa cover, it can be opened and closed by a single person.

Pristine Pool and Spad


No volatile organic compounds, no resin blown chemicals, and fewer emissions in manufacturing.

The unique design of the cabinet and shell are created with entirely recycled and reused materials. The one piece, heat-retaining shell improves energy efficiency. The hard top cover with it's industrial gasket, seal the cover to the shell, preventing heat loss.

Pristine Pool and Spad


Just fill up your Tuff spa and plug it in!

While most spas require expensive electrical wiring, the Tuff Spas come ready to plug into a standard 220v outlet. This revolutionary design saves you thousands of dollars in electrical costs!

Pristine Pool and Spad


Tuff Spa's ozonator keeps your water clean and safe.

Relax and let the latest water purification technology do the work. All Tuff Spa's come standard with an ozone purifier, reducing the need for harsh chemicals.